Development Authority

The Development Authority of Twin City was created on July 30, 1970 by a general statue of the Twin City Commission. The seven (7) member board is appointed by the City Commission. The board members have staggered terms and can choose to renew their terms at the approval of the City Commission. To serve on the Board, you must be a citizen of the City of Twin City. The City Commission also appoints (1) member of the city’s governing body to represent the City on the Development Authority Board.

If you are a citizen of Twin City and are interested in serving on the Development Authority Board, please contact your Ward Representative or the City Clerk.

If you are a business owner or developer and are interested in what the Development Authority can do for you, please contact the City Clerk, and she will pass along your contact information to the current Chairman of the Development Authority.

Mission Statement

“It shall be the mission of the Development Authority of Twin City to develop and promote for the public good and welfare, trade, commerce, tourism, industry, and employment opportunities for the City of Twin City. This includes, but not limited to, the retention of current industry and employment opportunities, and the development of a sustainable relationship with George L. Smith, II State Park to attract those visitors from the state park into the City of Twin City”